Body progress pics ~ Very important part of weight loss; Seeing how far I have come motivates me to go even farther.  Check them out:

Here are some more recent pics from 2011 ~

Below I will keep my older progress pics ~

I started my pictures in April of 2009.  I find it difficult to look in the mirror and see results on my body.  I have also learned to hate the scale – As it discourages me when I should not be discouraged.  Comparing my progress pictures over the months has proved to be the best way for me to see my results!

Coming back to this page often helps me to remember where I started, where I am not, and how far I still want to go ~ LOVE FITNESS!

               April 2009


           December 2009

February 2009 –> November 2009



Cheeks ~ 7/2008 –> 3/2010


Full Body ~ September 2008 –> November 2009


^ Same outfit ~ Student teaching + One year later

^ A good feeling  :)



We can do anything we want to do if we stick to it long enough.  ~ Helen Keller

5 thoughts on “Results”

  1. You are in amazing shape and I can really see the weight you lost in your face. I really hope that you are loving being a teacher aswell. I will also continue to read your blog!! :)

  2. I’m so happy you commented on my blog because I really love yours! :) We definetly do have lots in common, can’t wait to keep reading!

  3. I am so glad that I stumbled onto your blog!! You look amazing! Such an inspiration. I look forward to consistently reading your blogs! Great work!

  4. Just wondering…what do your workouts consist of? Do you only do turbo? You got really great results!

    • Hey Julie ~ I definitely do not only do Turbo; I try anything! Lately I have really been liking P90X and strength training; Less cardio – like I mentioned on today’s post! I change it up often to keep it interesting. I definitely have to get a Turbo in every once in a while though!!

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