The other night I was chatting with friends, and the topic of sleeping arrangements came up.

And I realized, as I talked about our sleeping arrangements at the Titus house, that we sure do like to rock our weird around here…

Seriously :-))

I also realized, in the same sentence, that I love our weird sleeping arrangement & wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Typically, it is Jacyn on my right, Hattie on my left, all snuggled up in J’s full bed.

As of recently, Jacyn decided she wanted her own bed, so we purchased a pink toddler bed for her :-))

I tried to explain to her that she already has her own bed, in her own room, but Hattie and I are in there, too.

& she insists we do not leave.

The toddler bed is right beside the full bed. Jacyn usually starts in the toddler bed and ends up in the big bed with us…

ends up = like 3-5 minutes later…. 🤣

sometimes she joins us before we even turn out lights — but she always starts in her bed ;-))

She is the sweetest, and she loves the idea of sleeping in her own bed — baby steps…

I encourage her & praise her for the short minutes she spends in her toddler bed, but I’ll tell you what, guys — I sure love when she crawls in bed with me!

💘💘 ahhhh snuggles! 💘💘💘

On the weekends, for a special slumber party, we join Ben in his king bed…

his?? mine?? ours??? Sure.

Yep, all four of us — It’s perfect! 💘💘

I cannot even imagine a household of normal sleeping arrangements, where the kids just go hop in their own bed and go to sleep… not here, Friends.

Maybe we will attempt to be more normal next year, when Kindergarten rolls around….

But for now, nahhhhh.

Our sleeping arrangements & bedtime routine is seriously one of my favorite parts of our day…

we snuggle, we read, we sing our song (Jesus Loves Me), we say our prayers, we say what we are thankful for, have our milk, and go to sleep…


& it’s the best, guys.

It might be weird, but it’s the best.

💘💘 Love — Ann (& J & Hattie) 💘💘