We love our messmatz by PlaSmart!

They arrived a few weeks ago and have gotten plenty of use since then —

Originally, I wanted the messmatz because we are getting a new dining room table, and I plan to have the girls use the mats at the table. all the time. no matter what they’re doing.

But our table is not here yet — and we have used the messmatz hundreds of times already, in a variety of ways!!!

Check it out —

messmatz are bendable silicone (food grade); they have a raised edge, to help contain messes, and they come in two different sizes — I think this one is considered classroom size.

We clearly love our messmatz by PlaSmart & I totally recommend to anyone with messy toddlers!!! ;-))

are there toddlers that aren’t messy?? 😉

Have a great day! & stay warm, Friends! ❄️

😍 We love you all!! 💘

💘💘 Love — Ann (& J & Hattie) 💘