I am ready & excited to start blogging again!

I am a lucky momma to two beautiful girls! You will hear all about them, if you haven’t already!!!

I will blog from my phone, & my posts will be short & imperfect — time is precious!!!!

My posts will be mostly mom-related, with topics that might include, but are def not limited to —— my fave toddler products, products that make my life easier, LOL Surprise Dolls 🤦🏼‍♀️, attempting to be organized, planners with stickers, Barbies, attempting to eat healthfully, attempting to include fitness into my crazy life, my lack of 2019 clothing style, going to church, finding my calling from Him, date nights, sleeping arrangements, starting Kindergarten 😳, toddler snacks, toddler activities, toddler tv shows, wine, wine 😂, and many more mom-ish topics…… and wine…

I hope you will join me, I hope you will support me, I hope if you like something, you will share it with your favorite mom friend…….


Love — Ann (& J & Hattie)