Unfortunately, we are finally able to review Boogie Mist, as this weekend, Jacyn had her very first stuffy nose…Boogie Mist

Boogie Mist is a kid-friendly version of nasal saline spray to help relieve congestion in children’s nasal passages.

Boogie Mist has a scented nozzle, called the Schnozzle! It is intended to make the sometimes difficult task of getting kids to cooperate with squirting something up their nose, easier. 

We only had to use the Boogie Mist once, on Friday morning, when Jacyn was very congested.  She did not sleep well on Thursday night and I think this congestion was to blame, so we grabbed for the Boogie Mist.

Jacyn did not mind the spray at all.  Ben held her while I gave a tiny squirt of mist in each nostril.  No fussing (!!) and it seemed to quickly do the trick.

Because Boogie Mist contains only saline and not any medication, it is considered safe for children.  When congestion is a problem again, we will definitely reach for the Boogie Mist, or the Boogie Wipes, which we use often, before we reach for any type of medicine…IMG_8221

All kids have boogies, and we love our Boogie Mist for many reasons…

  • Non-Medicated Natural Saline
  • Helps Clear and Moisturize Nasal Passages
  • Scented “Schnozzle” Spray Nozzle
  • Gentle Enough for All Ages
  • Use as Often as Needed
  • For soothing relief of dry, stuffy noses
  • Fresh Scent

Boogie Mist and Boogie Wipes are also available in a fun grape scent and there is also a non-scented option. 

The creators of Boogie Mist are excited for you to try it.  They are giving away grape scented Boogie Mist and Boogie Wipes, plus tons of samples and coupons to use if you love it as much as we do (!!)  If your little one has boogies, now is the time to try The Mist With A Twist!

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Have a super Sunday evening!

Love, ~Ann and Jacyn