Easter is almost here.  Jacyn’s Easter basket has been ready for months now because I was anxious to fill it.  Very new-Mommy of me, I know.

I took the well-known Pinterest approach, “Something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read.”  I want to use this approach at Christmas, too, but we will see about that. 

I filled her basket with a teething toy as the “want” (also a need!), swimmy diapers and baby sunscreen for the “need,” a Fourth of July outfit as the “wear,” and two Easter board books as the “read.”

Yes, I do realize that Jacyn will have no clue what is going on, but I am still excited for her.  When I was little, the Easter Bunny always filled our baskets with goodies and hid them throughout the house.  We were always anxious to get up and find our baskets.  There was definitely a time or two that Easter Bunny hid our baskets so well, even my parents could not find them.  Hm?


Enjoy the beautiful day!

Love, ~Ann

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