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Lilly is definitely our first baby. We were pretty nervous about how Lilly would react when we brought Jacyn home from the hospital. We had heard many different stories from others.  It seemed that a common puppy reaction was to be very protective of the new baby.

The nurse told us to take the receiving blanket home and let Lilly smell it, so we sent that home from the hospital with Ben’s parents.  Ben’s mom took Lilly up to the nursery and reminded her that we were bringing a new baby home.  This all happened while we were still at the hospital.

When we arrived home, I was so anxious to see how Lilly reacted, but it really wasn’t much of a reaction at all.  She just sniffed the car seat and studied Jacyn for a while.  I could not tell how this was going to go.

In the few days that followed, it seemed like Lilly was not too overly protective or jealous, both reactions I had heard from others.  When I would feed Jacyn or hold her, Lilly would go lay down away from us.  In my mind, Lilly was very sad, but I think that was only in my (crazy hormonal) mind.

There was one instance where Lilly peed on a small mat we had out in the living room, where Jacyn played.  We thought this was strange; We punished Lilly, threw the mat away, and nothing like that has happened since.

Now, I see the two of them becoming closer.  Lilly comes around Jacyn more often, and Jacyn is extremely interested in Lilly.  I always catch her watching Lilly from a distance, and she even smiles at her – all the time!  When she is in close proximity to Lilly, Jacyn always reaches for her to try to touch her.

This morning I caught Jacyn watching Lilly while she slept.  Jacyn stared and stared, as if saying, “Please wake up. It’s time to play!”  Lilly often brings her toys to Jacyn and sets them on her hand (or on her face) and then barks at Jacyn, as if pleading, “Come on! Throw my baby for me!”

I am excited for them to start to play together and discover each other, and I am certain this will be a remarkable friendship!!!


Love, Ann 

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