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Looking back, I am incredibly proud of how far Ben, Jacyn, and I have come in the past few months.  It has been a whirlwind of a ride, but we are finally settling into this new, beautiful life.IMG_5229IMG_5231

It has truly been a rough ride. At first, I assumed it was like this for everyone, and all new Mommies feel the way I have felt, but after talking with others, I have learned that is not necessarily true.

Eventually, I want to share my story.  This is, by far, the hardest thing I have ever done.  I am so thankful to have supportive friends and family.  Even a simple “How are you feeling?” can mean so much during the tough times, you know?  I am lucky to have such a wonderful doctor, too.  I have become very close to her these past few months and called her multiple times in the middle of the night.  Finally, nearly four months later, I feel like a Mommy, and I am enjoying my time with Jacyn and our new family. 

Being a new Mommy has definitely opened my eyes.  I often look back, and I wish I would have done more for friends who were becoming new Mommies, but I just did not realize what a challenging journey it could be.  I look to the future, and I know that I want to be there for all of the ladies in my life who are becoming new Mommies themselves.  I truly have a new, special place in my heart for all new Mommies, and I will always be their cheerleader!

For now, I think I will keep it light, and share some of the crafts Jacyn and I have been working on.  Some are for Spring, others for Easter and Baptism, and others are just because.

DSC03496DSC03497DSC03505DSC03509DSC03511DSC03512DSC03513Easter Oreo

We have been busy!  With the weather changing, though, I am looking forward to spending more time outside with Jacyn, hopefully!  We will certainly be strolling today!

“God knew you weren’t going to be perfect – only Jesus is perfect – but still He chose you to be His own and called you to do one of the most important jobs on the planet – be a mom.” ~Joyce MeyerIMG_4980

Enjoy the day!

Love, ~Ann