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I am feeling like Super Mommy today! 

It is 11:00 and I have finished a load of laundry, made and washed bottles, emptied the Genie, and put away a load of dishes. 

Oh, and I changed a dirty, dirty, dirty, blow-out diaper that required the rubber gloves for clean-up.

Super Mommy!

Before pumping and feeding time begins, New Mommies – here are two more products that I am very happy with…

Munchkin Wipe Warmer10209875_201310231309DSC03384

I did not put a wipe warmer on my registry because I thought they were silly.  After changing a few diapers and hearing screams when the wipe hit the tush, I decided to try one. 

I read reviews and decided on a munchkin wipe warmer.  Huggies wipes are moist enough and perfect for this warmer.  It does not dry them out.

The warmer has a glow light that is always on – great for night time changings.

Jacyn loved the warmer wipes, and diaper changing became much easier and not-so-loud.  Gram and Gramps even purchased one to keep at their house!

Beaba Bottle Warmer51AWjPSIDXL._SL1500_

I read many excellent reviews on this warmer.  I think we ended up ordering this one from amazon

I seriously love amazon.

Bottle Warming Station… DSC03463

The squirt water bottle is used to fill the bottom of the warmer.  Does it look familiar, Mommies?  It is the one from hospital bathroom.  Perfect for the job.

The Beaba bottle warmer is simple to use, and it heats quickly and evenly. 

We use the pink owl mitt to grab the bottle from the warmer.  It is actually a wash cloth mitt for the bath tub that we picked up at Wal-Mart for $3.  Perfect for the job!DSC03464DSC03465

Time for pumping, bobbles, and tummy time! 

Enjoy Monday! We will!

Love, ~Ann