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To My Hubby On Valentine’s Day:

I love you, and you are amazing, but just a warning, this Valentine’s Day will be different…

This Valentine’s Day, I am sporting 25 extra pounds.  The cute clothes hanging in my closet no longer fit me, not even close.  I hope they will eventually, but for now, just expect me in my sweats.

This Valentine’s Day, sweats should be fine, as I have made no dinner reservations.  But remember, tummy time at 8:30, then bathy-wathy time at 9:00.  Oh, and I will need to pump by 10:00.

This Valentine’s Day, I have not even showered.  I hope to at some point today.  And to be honest, I am not even certain I put deodorant on this morning.

This Valentine’s Day, my nails are not painted.  Only specks of pink, leftover from my “pregnancy pedicure” I got a week before she arrived.

This Valentine’s Day, my legs are hairy.  Honestly, I cannot remember the last time I shaved them.  Perhaps I will try to do that for you today – if naptime allows.

This Valentine’s Day, I am wearing sweat pants on which I spilled milk and a robe with baby drool on the collar.  But I will change before you get home. I hope.

This Valentine’s Day, I will pass on the cocktails.  Otherwise, I will have to dump my milk, and you know it makes me cringe.  It really is liquid gold.

This Valentine’s Day, we will have fun at home together, but I am also looking forward to hitting the pillow later.  Maybe I will even skip my 3AM pumping session, since it is Valentine’s Day.  That sounds amazing.

This Valentine’s Day, I did not buy any lingerie.  It just would not be sexy with nursing pads underneath, you know?  But maybe I will wear a real bra for you today, instead of a nursing sleep bra.  Maybe.

This Valentine’s Day, I will dig out my make-up and try to put on some foundation before you get home.  Maybe even some blush and mascara.  Maybe.

This Valentine’s Day, Hubby, though I may appear a disaster, I feel beautiful – because This Valentine’s Day, I am a new Mommy.  And I now realize how beautiful Mommies are, especially my own.

This Valentine’s Day, though I have not worked out in months, I feel tough – because I am a new Mommy.  And I now realize how tough Mommies are, especially my own.

This Valentine’s Day, all those other things, those “me” things, they don’t matter so much – because I am a new Mommy.  Life is different now, but in a good way, a very special and unexplainable way.

This Valentine’s Day, my top priority is being a Mommy.  Oh, and I hope you know how much it means to me when you tell me that I am a good Mommy to our baby.  I also love when you tell me that I look beautiful, even when I am clearly the biggest mess in the world.

This Valentine’s Day, I cannot believe our baby is two months old.  I am happy to be home with her, with no dinner reservations.  I want to spend every moment with her – slowly, without rushing toward the future.

This Valentine’s Day, she consumes my heart – and yours, too, I am certain.  She is the axis on which my whole world revolves, and I had no idea I could love someone this much.  She is my miracle.

This Valentine’s Day, she is mine and I am hers.  I am her Mommy and you are her Daddy. We are a family, and that is all that truly matters.


Love, ~Ann