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If I was able to keep any sanity or get any amount of sleep during the first couple weeks of Mommyhood, I owe it to our 4moms mamaRoo. 4moms_4M-005-00-001401

The mamaRoo is a bit more pricey than other bouncer seats we looked at, but it has been worth every penny. We have referred to it as “our lifesaver” numerous times.

The mamaRoo sways from side to side with five different motion options to mimic the motions parents make when holding and soothing baby. There are five different speeds for each motion.

The mamaRoo has white noise music built in and also an mp3 connection. Jacyn loves the white noise.

During her first couple of weeks home, Jacyn would scream and cry when we put her to sleep in her bassinet, so we tried the mamaRoo. She loved the movement and the sounds, and she quickly fell asleep.

At the time, I felt like a bad Mommy, letting Jacyn sleep in the mamaRoo just so I could have a couple hours of sleep, but I desperately needed it.

Looking back, though it was not the best option, I am okay with Jacyn sleeping in her mamaRoo. Parents have to do what works, and the mamaRoo is what worked for us at that time.

By now, Jacyn is sleeping great in her bassinet and hangs out in the mamaRoo occasionally throughout the day.

She still loves it!!DSC03388DSC03391

We are all about products that make life easier, and the 4moms mamaRoo is definitely one of them.

Another product we recently discovered and love is the Gerber Onesie side snap onesie.


Jacyn loves these, too, because they don’t go over her head. She is better about this now than she used to be, but she often got upset when we put the onesie over her head.

Problem solved, Mommies!! DSC03383DSC03331DSC03346

We love the Gerber Onesie side snap onesies and wear them often. We don’t like when they are all in the dirty laundry.

There are many days when I stay in my pajamas all day and Jacyn hangs out in her side snap onesie and a swaddle blanket. We love these days!

Stay tuned, new Mommies, more products we love to come!


Love, ~Ann