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Bath Time

Our guest bathroom is now Jacyn’s very own bathroom.  We keep her infant tub in there and use it nearly every night. 

Jacyn loves bath time and it definitely seems to calm her down.  Do most babies love bath time this much?

We chose the 4moms infant tub


The infant tub has a side drain that allows dirty water to flow out while clean water flows in.  There is also a color-coded digital thermometer, making it easy to find the perfect water temperature.

Our only dislike was that it seemed difficult for Jacyn to be comfortable in the tub.  I had to hold her in place while Ben scrubbed. 

We decided to purchase a Foam Bath to  help solve this problem.  It works perfectly.  Now Jacyn is able to sit in the infant tub all by her tiny little self (!!)

She always seems so comfortable…DSC03335

Lilly does not miss a moment with Jacyn, including bath time!DSC03338DSC03340

Occasionally, we skip the 4moms infant tub and use only the Foam Bath.  Jacyn seems to love this, too…DSC03311

My mom is the one who recommended the Foam Bath.  She said this is how she gave us our baths all the time.  It definitely makes bath time easier! 

Enjoy your day! And your bath time!!

Love, ~Ann and Jacyn