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Today is Baby Jacyn’s official due date (!!!) 40 Weeks

My doctor says I have not dilated any further, but Baby Jacyn is as low as she can go and weighs just under 8 pounds (!!)

My doctor gave us her cell number.  Last night, Ben loaded our hospital bags into the vehicle.  Ready!

We thought maybe Jacyn would arrive yesterday and be a Thanksgiving Baby, but apparently she has plans of her own. 

We still had a wonderful Thanksgiving, we are truly blessed, and Hubby Ben carved a turkey for the first time… DSC03192DSC03201

And this morning… untitled (3)

“Okay, Mama!!” Ben hollered, as he returned from a quick trip to the grocery…untitled (2)image (1)

This pineapple craziness is, of course, only a myth.  Apparently you actually have to eat approximately seven pineapples (!!!) But Ben and I thought it would be fun…

Big Sis LilPatience

Love, ~Ann & Baby Jacyn