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Baby Jacyn is taking her time, and the preparations continue…

25 Things

I discovered a great list on Crafty Chelsea and was pleasantly surprised to find that we have completed most items on the list.

  1. Pick a birth announcement (Yes! Christmas card for us!)
  2. Gather addresses (Yes! I always have address labels saved!)
  3. Get a waterproof bed pad
  4. Pack your bags (Yes! Read about it here!)
  5. Get your carpets cleaned (Yes! Our new carpet is in!)
  6. Pick a pediatrician (Yes!)
  7. Pre-wash baby’s clothes (Yes! Did another tiny load today!)
  8. Invest in a nursing bra or two (Yes!)
  9. Check to see if your insurance covers a breast pump (Yes! It does!)
  10. Make freezer meals (Yes! Attempted!)
  11. Attend classes at your hospital (Yes! Two great classes!)
  12. Install baby’s car seat (Yes! And a certified inspection!)
  13. Bake cookies for the nurses (The nurses would not like my baking!)
  14. Get 2 waterproof mattress pads for the crib (We have one!)
  15. Paint your nails (Pedi with MIL today!)
  16. Buy some “in-between” clothes
  17. Look through baby’s baby book (Yes!)
  18. Charge your camera battery (Yes!)
  19. Do a test run to the hospital (We had our classes here!)
  20. Stock up on hand sanitizer
  21. Make your birth plan (Yes!)
  22. Get a baby notebook and folder (Yes!)
  23. Get a package of milk freezer bags (Yes! I have milk storage containers)
  24. Look up a newborn photographer (Yes! Excited about this!)
  25. Make Daddy feel special (Below!)

I have also been attempting to be crafty, working on special surprises for Hubby Ben and Big Sister Lilly…DSC03158 DSC03175DSC03177Special Surprises

We have put up all our Christmas decorations and the tree…DSC03164First Ornament

Ben and I are both ready. We are happy, anxious, excited, and nervous, overwhelmed, and blessed, and already in love with Jacyn.

All that is left to do now is spend time together, pray together, and wait patiently for our special miracle girl to arrive. Miracles Jacyn

Love, ~Ann & Baby Jacyn