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Baby? Baby! The special day we found out we would be parents…IMG_2018

We talk about it every night, we love it, but we still cannot believe it.

Jacyn has not arrived, nor has she dropped, so Baby preparations continue.

This morning I sautéed chicken for the Freezer to Slow Cooker meals I was working on yesterday. I have finished up the meals.

As I was looking for recipes online, I saw links along the lines of “20 Freezer Meals in 2 Hours” and such…

Wow!! I cannot believe how long just these few meals have taken me. I must definitely be doing something wrong!


After cooking and some cleaning, I enjoyed my Shakeology. I have had my share of Shakeology during my pregnancy, but not like I did pre-pregnancy.

I am trying to get back to one Shake per day, as I have learned, and also heard from close friends and Mommies, that Shakeology increases milk supply (!!) DSC03117

I am so ready to get back to my Shakeology regularly after Baby Jacyn arrives. I have missed it.

And then I finalized, as best I could, my hospital bag and also a bag for Baby Jacyn. Hubby Ben packed his hospital bag over the weekend. His was simple!

I read and researched many “Hospital Bag Lists” and I have reached out to friends who have become Mommies very recently. That being said, I am sure I have packed items I may not use, but hopefully I have not forgotten something I will need.DSC03118

Here is what’s in my bag:

  1. bigger-than-pre-pregnancy, going-home clothes and sweats
  2. warm, non-slip socks (3 pair)
  3. lotions
  4. toiletries
  5. flip flops (shower)
  6. hair brush
  7. hair clips and pony tail holders
  8. (the hospital has a hair dryer)
  9. sleep mask
  10. ear plugs (just in case)
  11. chapstick
  12. gum
  13. breath mints
  14. nursing nightgowns (3)
  15. nursing bras (3)
  16. nursing tank top (1)
  17. maternity tank top (1)
  18. maternity pajama pants (2)
  19. light cardigan
  20. robe
  21. swim suit (tub for labor)
  22. change (for vending)
  23. hospital folder (our birth plan, copies of license, etc.)
  24. baby record book (for footprints!!!)
  25. My Brest Friend nursing pillow
  26. My Brest Friend nipple cream
  27. nursing pads
  28. camcorder, cameras, chargers
  29. phone charger
  30. snacks
  31. make-up (to grab at last minute)
  32. pillow (to grab at last minute)
  33. special surprise for Ben

I do plan to update this list eventually, after our experience is done, letting you know what I couldn’t do without, what was ridiculous to pack, and also what was forgotten and needed!


Over the summer, the kind ladies at My Brest Friend sent me the My Brest Friend Deluxe Pillow and the All Natural Organic Nipple Cream for review on Turbo Teacher. I decided to pack it and start using it right away. Review to follow…

I packed a few items in a bag for Baby Jacyn, including:

  1. onesies
  2. swaddle blanket
  3. receiving blanket
  4. sleep gowns
  5. outfit (2)
  6. mittens

According to what I have read, you really do not need to take anything for Baby, except perhaps a warm going-home outfit, which my Mom says she is bringing (!!)

I decided to pack a few additional items, just in case, because you know me…DSC03123Hospital Bags Ready!

I cannot believe these bags are finally packed and ready. The time is almost here and that is absolutely scary and amazing at the same time.

Love, ~Ann and Baby Jacyn