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Baby Jacyn, Lilly, and I had a very productive day (!!)

I was on my feet for longer-than-normal today, which is not really that long, but it means my back is sore and it is time for the couch and some ice, but I am still excited about what we accomplished today…

The guest bedroom has been covered in “hospital bag” gear for a long time and, after today, I am finally almost ready to put it all in the bag and zip it up until Jacyn arrives.

More about this bag and contents soon… DSC03075

Today I did not have physical therapy, but still needed to run a few errands.

I decided it might be a good idea to prepare a few frozen meals to have after Baby Jacyn gets here, so last night I compiled a list of goodies I needed to make a few meals.

I started with a trip to the grocery, after some packing. When I got home, I had lunch and a small rest, and got busy chopping (!!) DSC03104DSC03105DSC03106

It probably takes me longer than it should to prepare only these few meals, as I have no clue what I am doing.

While I was chopping, I finished the final load of laundry that needed to be done before Baby Jacyn gets here.

This load included four Carter’s sleeping gowns and two Halo sleep sacks. I have heard these will get lots of use (??) DSC03107

The Carter’s sleeping gowns have elastic at the bottom, which must make it easy access to the messy diapers…DSC03108

By the time I completed these tasks, plus a tiny bit of cleaning, I felt sore and ready to sit, but I still wanted to be productive, so I decided to start some crafts (!!)

My Mom explained to me that when they had babies, they all passed out cigars to their visitors. I am sure Hubby Ben would love to pass out cigars, but I decided to come up with something different…

Something cute, pink, and healthier, as my MIL would put it… DSC03110DSC03111DSC03112

It has been a busy day and I am hoping it helps me sleep better tonight…

Not that I have been sleeping horribly, but it just seems to take me a while to fall asleep. I actually cry almost every night after getting in bed. I know, poor Ben.

I’m sure this is a mix of pregnancy emotions, hormones, and nerves. I am excited to meet Baby Jacyn, but it makes me nervous to think about how much our lives are about to change.

As I try to fall asleep, I think about how much I love the way things are now, with Ben, Lilly, and I, and I know that even the most simple parts of our lives are about to change and it makes me very anxious.

But don’t worry, I know the change will be amazing (!!)

Love, ~Ann & Baby Jacyn