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Week 37Baby Jacyn Belly

Oh my goodness!! Baby Jacyn will be here soon!! That picture was already a week ago & I am now at 38 Weeks!!

I have been feeling better and, thankfully, the pain in my back and my pelvis has lessened tremendously since I no longer have to spend a majority of the day on my feet. I am incredibly thankful to all of you who sent prayers my way.

Ben is less stressed now, also, without having me crying in pain every night. He is such a good sport. He is always taking such good care of me, my crazy emotions, and our little Baby Jacyn. He is amazing and I told him he makes me feel like the luckiest pregnant lady in the entire world (!!)

I thought it would be exciting to start the final countdown on Turbo Teacher and fill all of my Readers in on what Mommy does in preparation each day until the arrival of our little Baby Jacyn!!

I will start with this weekend. We got so much accomplished and I am glad the house is settled, the carpet is in, and things are finally put back together.

Here are the Before pictures…DSC03060

We used the kitchen, bathrooms, our bedroom, and the Nursery as storage areas since they have wood floor or tile…DSC03061

All of the storage tubs in the bathroom drive me the craziest!!! DSC03064

And the During pictures…DSC03071DSC03073

And hours later, the After pictures…DSC03084

We always keep blankets on our “spots” where we sit on the couch. Ben’s spot is the brown blanket and mine is the pink. We also always keep a vinyl tablecloth over our coffee table…DSC03087

The Nursery actually drove me even crazier than the bathroom full of storage tubs (!!) What would we do if Baby Jacyn decided to arrive and the Nursery looked like this? Thank Goodness it is almost back to normal…Carpet DayDSC03090

There is a Nursery under all that mess (!!!) Just a few more blankets and small items to put away now. Organizing the Nursery is definitely my favorite part.

Ben just laughed at me because everything he put away, I went back to reorganize and straighten. Baby Jacyn is making me even more anal than normal. It is taking me an extremely long time to finish a single seemingly-small task.

I am excited to share more Nursery pictures with my Readers. Though we decided to keep the room neutral and simple, I love it so much and I know Jacyn will, too. More of that coming up and also my hospital bag, which is almost complete…

Finally, my Little Princess and Sidekick (!!!)Lilly

Another task on my countdown list is a gift bag for Lilly to have when Baby Jacyn gets here. This is almost finished. I don’t want Lilly to feel left out at all and I am a little nervous about that (!!)

Have a great day!

Love, ~Ann and Baby Jacyn