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33 Weeks

Where is this time going?  I cannot believe how soon Baby Jacyn will be here.  A warning for all the newly pregnant Mommies – nine months flies!!!

Thanks to Daddy Ben for being such a trooper through all of this, as my emotions really have been absolutely crazy lately.  I have mixed feelings of nervousness, sadness, happiness, and anxiousness, combined with exhaustion and major school stress.  This mixture somehow creates lots of tears.

Ben and I had our first maternity education class this weekend at IU North Hospital, which is where we will be delivering Baby Jacyn.  We were very impressed with the hospital and loved our class.


We arrived on time and discovered the class consisted of only four couples, including Ben and I.  We covered all topics related to labor and birthing.  Ben and I both left feeling much more informed.


This guy really will be the best Daddy ever.  I love him…


Ben was looking at needles with Nurse Erin.  I decided to pass…


After our brains were overloaded with Baby information, Nurse Erin gave us a tour of the hospital.  She introduced us to the nursery, the labor and delivery room, and the recovery room.


Though Ben and I spent our entire Saturday at the hospital, we definitely feel that we learned a lot from our class. The session was very informative and well worth our time.  We left the hospital feeling way more prepared than when we arrived. 

Enjoy your Sunday!

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Love, ~Ann & Baby Titus