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29 Weeks

Ben and I have been super baby-busy this weekend (!!) My parents came up last weekend to visit and help us paint the nursery. Ben finished up the wooden floor. We have now moved the furniture into the nursery and finally started the organization process. We are both exhausted, but we made a lot of progress this weekend (!!!)

I definitely had my share of tears throughout this process, realizing how much we still have to accomplish and just how much I do not know about being a Mommy. Do all new Moms feel this way?? I just do not feel like I have time to learn everything I need to learn and also be a teacher.

I became overwhelmed very easily while going through all the Baby Gear. There are different sizes of bottle nipples and different flow speeds?? What?? Tears. Breast feeding milk storage equipment?? What is all of this stuff?? Tears.

Despite some tears and confusion, we made lots of progress. Ben was busy putting all of the furniture and big Baby Gear together, while I tackled the smaller items.

IMG_3428IMG_3429IMG_3430IMG_3432IMG_3435Baby BassinetPack N PlayIMG_3438IMG_3439IMG_3444IMG_3448

Everything started semi-coming-together this morning, as we continued…


Baby Nursery = Slowly, but surely…

Now, Lilly and I and Baby Titus are working on school tasks and Baby Shower Thank You notes.  Hubby Ben is relaxing in the hot tub and watching football, which he totally deserves.  Love him (!!)


Enjoy your Sunday evening!

Love, ~Ann and Baby Girl Titus