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Baby Workout 20Baby Workout 20B

Tonight Baby Titus and I walked Lilly around the neighborhood, which turned into a small jog.  For some reason, when Lilly knows we are getting closer to home, she always starts running (!!) It is difficult for me to keep up now.

After our walk-jog, I decided it was too hot for me to drop Lilly off back at home and go for run, which was my original plan.  I still felt like I wanted a workout, but it was already beginning to get late.  I decided on an Insanity warm up because they are quick, but sweaty and Kick-A (!!)

I did the warm up for Max Cardio Intervals, which amounted to nearly 15 minutes.  Even though it was only a warm up, Baby Titus and I were pretty pumped.  It was short, but it was perfect for us and we felt awesome. 

Guess what?  I am glad I did it (!!) as always.  I was very exhausted today after our staff meeting and staying to work on lesson plans.  I was stressing myself out on my drive home, close to tears (surprise!) and I knew I needed a workout of some form. 

I seriously feel so much better after a workout, big or small!!


Love, ~Ann & Baby Titus