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Baby Workout 19IMG_3301

This weekend, Baby Titus and I had our best run yet (!!) Saturday morning we shaved nearly a minute off our pace since our last run. I just have way more energy on a Saturday morning than I do on an evening after a long school day. I was pretty pumped about this run and hope to keep it up!!

I spent a lot of time doing school work this weekend and getting caught up with my grading. I cannot believe I feel so behind already. Actually, I can believe it and it is not at all surprising, right teachers?

Ben and I also did our nursery furniture shopping this weekend (!!!) We had to visit multiple Costco stores to find the pieces we were searching for, including traveling nearly two hours north this morning.

The pieces we have had our eye on for a while are being deleted from the stores, but the Costco team was very helpful in finding what we wanted at various locations. At one location, there was only one crib left, so we had the option of taking the display model, which was in excellent condition with a nice discounted price!!

We love these pieces because they are both convertible. The crib converts into a toddler bed and then, eventually, a full size bed. The changing table will easily convert into a dresser when we no longer need the changing piece.


I was excited about our drive home, as we planned to stop for lunch and ice cream (!!) at Fair Oaks Dairy Farm. Ben ordered the famous grilled cheese and chili, while I had a cheese quesadilla. They were both delicious!!!


Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately??), by the time Ben and I finished our meals, the ice cream line was incredibly long, and neither of us were feeling patient enough to wait in it. I know Baby Titus was not very happy, but Ben and I decided we would live without ice cream for today.


I finished most of my grading during our travel this morning, but still have some tasks to finish to prepare for the week. It has been difficult to get back in the swing of school, but I suppose I am doing okay.

Enjoy your Sunday evening!


Love, ~Ann & Baby Titus