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Baby Workout 18


I really did not want to go running tonight – like, really, really, really, really did not want to go. I was completely exhausted after school. Yesterday, I was just writing, over at Cincinnati Parent, about how I had more energy after a day at school than I thought I would. I might take that back…

Today after school, I just felt incredibly exhausted, as if the week had caught up with me all at once this afternoon. Leaving school today, I was feeling huge, sad, sore, and exhausted. Yes, all of those.

On my way home, I stopped at Target to purchase more snacks for school because my supply is already low. I walked in the store, then (approximately three minutes later) walked right back out because I decided that I felt huge and did not need extra snacks to store at school.

Will I regret this decision tomorrow? Yes, I am sure. But I am pregnant and emotional, and I felt sad and huge, so I left Target.

Geez, what is going on with me?

It took a lot of self-motivation to lace up my tennies and go run tonight. Even Ben saw how exhausted I was and said I should just stay home and relax. That is the moment I really wanted to put on my PJs and just stay inside with Ben and Lilly.

The last words out of my mouth before walking out the door were, “I really do not want to do this.” – seriously. But it was awesome. I pushed myself, then I loved it, and I sang along again. As always, I am 100% glad I went.

Enjoy the evening!

You'll Never Regret a WorkoutLace Up

Love, ~Ann & Baby Titus