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Baby Workout 17


Well, I officially feel huge. I am sure I will be much bigger in a few short weeks, but I sure am feeling very large and pregnant lately. Yikes!!!

Today’s afternoon run was super, and yesterday’s was even better (!!!) Yesterday I ran double (!!) my run today. Yesterday was my first day using my new iMap my RUN app, and it turns out I was not mapping my run at all, when I thought I was. I was bummed. I almost cried (of course).

Yesterday I ran nearly 45 minutes, more than doubling my route that I ran today. It was the best run Baby Titus and I have had thus far (!!!) and it was because my mind needed it. My weekend with my family was so wonderful, but also very emotional, for multiple (possibly silly) reasons.

I am sure my body needed a run, as well. I enjoyed a cheeseburger, pizza, a quesadilla, and a birthday cupcake while in Southern Indiana, but still, my mind needed the run more than my body.

I had a small amount of back pain, groin pain, pelvic pain, and a belly ache, (so many pregnancy complaints!!!) but I still needed that run. After a few minutes, I forgot about all my pains and you know what? My run was amazing, amazing, amazing. I felt happy, and I sang along.

After a full day of school, my run today was very much tougher, but it still felt great for both my mind and body.

Running makes me feel positive and I do hope I can keep it up for a while longer. There are many people capable of making me feel negative, especially right now, being the pregnant, emotional lady that I am. I am so thankful for my family and close friends who are so supportive during this time and I am thankful for the ability to continue running even at 24 weeks pregnant.

Enjoy the evening!


Love, ~Ann & Baby Titus