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As an expecting Mommy, the last thing I want to do is expose myself to harmful chemicals. I want to keep myself and Baby Titus as safe as possible, so I have been extra cautious when it comes to cleaning products. It can be scary to look at the list of ingredients on the products we use to clean our homes. We put ourselves and those around (or inside!!!) us in contact with these dangerous chemicals every time we clean.

BabyGanics products are different!

I was excited (and even relieved) when this product arrived and I began to research the company. BabyGanics is a company founded by Kevin and Keith, two fathers (!!) who are dedicated to creating a safe, healthy, and happy environment for their babies.

Our products are designed for babies but, honestly, they’re just as much for parents; whether they protect, moisturize, nourish or clean, their most important ingredient is always peace of mind.

Check out the ingredients on this bottle of The Grime Fighter, the product I have been using around our house for the past week. There are no toxins, only plant-based cleaning agents. And check out the safety information – I love it (!!!)

Peace of mind for Mommy? Definitely!


Before I received The Grime Fighter, I always wore my big purple cleaning gloves, but now I don’t even feel that is necessary. I feel safe with this product, like I am not being exposed to ingredients that could be harmful to myself or my Baby Titus.

I have used this product to clean counter tops and even our bathroom. When Baby Titus arrives, it will be perfect for the high chair, changing table, crib, everything!

Sometimes I wonder if less chemicals means less clean. Not with BabyGanics! The Grime Fighter leaves my counter tops just as clean, if not even cleaner, with no toxic residues and no smells left behind. I love that I no longer have to worry about the chemicals I am spraying in our house.

The Grime Fighter is available in a 32oz spray bottle, which retails for $6.99, and can be purchased at Amazon.com, Buy Buy Baby, Babies R Us, Diapers.com, Drugstore.com, and Vine.com.


BabyGanics creates a sense of relief, especially with Baby Titus on the way. I am finished with harsh chemicals and thoughts of the damage they could be doing inside my body. Thanks, BabyGanics, for creating an amazing line of products that will keep Mommy and Baby Titus safe!

Love, ~Ann & Baby Titus