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Yesterday was my birthday and also the first day of school.  Even though I was pretty exhausted by the time I arrived home, Ben was still able to make the evening extra special for me. 

I planned to take a small nap when I came home from school, but I ended up resting on the couch for only a few minutes, unable to fall asleep.  Ben surprised me with flowers when he arrived home (!!)

He asked me what special meal I wanted for my birthday.  I decided Panera sounded best, so Ben, Lilly, and I drove there together to pick up my birthday dinner.  I decided I was too exhausted to go out anywhere, plus I wanted to spend the evening with my sidekick, Lilly. 

I had my usual turkey artichoke sandwich, but instead of a salad to go with it, I ordered broccoli-cheese soup.  Ben and I split a cookie for dessert.


It was even more delicious than it looks!

Ben surprised me with new sunglasses and a new armband for my iPhone.  I always use my iPod to listen to tunes while running, but would like to start wearing my iPhone to track my distance.  I am certain there is an app for that.  Benny was even able to find an armband that is made to fit the iPhone with an Otterbox on it (!!)


Ben always spoils me.  He even ended the night with a back scratch for me, which I desperately needed.  Is skin supposed to be more itchy during pregnancy?

I received so many nice birthday cards, messages, and texts.  Being the pregnant lady that I am, some of them even made me cry (!!)  Thanks to all who sent birthday wishes to me yesterday.


Tomorrow is already Friday (!!) and Ben, Lilly, Baby Titus, and I are all heading to Southern Indiana for the weekend.   

I am ready to relax with Ben and Lilly.  I cannot imagine how difficult it will be to leave a child to go back to school after summer break.  I have had such a tough time leaving my Lilly!!  I always look forward to coming home to her after school.

I have some great baby product reviews coming up soon! Stay tuned!

PS: Have you seen this Football On Your Phone music video featuring the Manning brothers?  Ben cracked me up with this last night, especially when he did the dance moves himself (!!)

Enjoy the evening!

Kind Words

Love, ~Ann & Baby Titus