23 WeeksSweating For Two

If today was any indication of how the school year is going to go, I can see that a daily after-school nap will become part of my routine. The students have not even arrived yet, it is only teacher meetings and professional development, and I am already extremely exhausted.

Today after our meeting, I came home and tried to watch The Bachelorette, which I was too tired to finish watching last night. I did not make it through much of the show today before falling asleep on the couch.

After a nap, I still felt exhausted, so Lilly and I went for a walk around the neighborhood to try to get some energy flowing! I am hoping to accomplish a few tasks now that I am feeling more lively.

I am nervous to think about how school is going to affect my workouts. I am not sure I will have any energy for a workout after the school day. I feel as though school will be a workout in itself for me now.

The sooner the year begins, though, the sooner Baby Titus will be here (!!!) and that makes me smile.

Here is to a wonderful (but exhausting, I am sure) school year!


Love, ~Ann & Baby Titus