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Baby Workout 15

Last night, Baby Titus and I were able to run pain-free, thanks to my recent visit to Optimal Performance Chiropractic over the weekend! I definitely want to begin routine visits to the chiropractor now.

We ran around the neighborhood for 30 minutes, listening to our tunes to pump us up. Because my back was not hurting, I was able to “get into” my run and actually enjoy it once again.

However, now that my back pain has subsided, it is only fair that a different pain should take its place, right pregnant ladies? The pain has found its way to my groin and pelvic area. It feels as though I just did one million lunges. I wish that were true (!!!) but I think it’s only pregnancy pains.

I promise, New Readers, that all Turbo Teacher posts are not full of complaints, but I am simply trying to tell it how it is…

Yesterday evening, this pelvic pain was so intense, it was difficult for me to lift my leg to put on pants, and it was painful to roll over in bed. I called my doctor to tell her about my pain today, though I was certain this was common in pregnancy.

It turns out that the culprit is a hormone called relaxin (strange that it should be called this). The job of relaxin is to make ligaments stretchy so Baby can more easily enter into the world. In some women, such as myself, this happens too early, way before Baby is ready to come out, thus causing instability and pain in the pelvic joint.

My doctor said that this pain will only get worse, but the best thing I can do, for now, is purchase a pregnancy support belt and apply heat. The great news is that running should actually help the pain, which is completely the opposite of what I was afraid I was going to hear from the doctor (!!)

I suppose that I will now begin the search for one of these pregnancy support belts. I am sure I will be thankful to have this extra support, especially when school is underway and I no longer sit down, but it stinks considering the emotional meltdown I had just this afternoon thinking of how much money I have had to spend on “maternity gear” – such as bigger clothes, bigger bras (almost three sizes!!), and other various bigger pregnant things.

Hubby Ben talked with me when he got home and made me feel much better, of course. He said I was making a mountain out of a mole hill, which I’m sure happens often with pregnant ladies, right?

Enjoy the evening!

Pregnancy Cartoon

Love, ~Ann & Baby Titus