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22 Weeks

Wow! 22 Weeks? Where has this time gone?!! It’s flying by!!

Many people say that having good genes is the only way to avoid stretch marks.  I hope that genes do have something to do with it, as my mom had three children and not one pregnancy stretch mark. 

If I end up in a different boat then my mom, I will say that Baby Titus is completely worth it, of course (!!) However, I figured I would invest in some inexpensive products to help me fight stretch marks, just in case.  Mostly for peace of mind, that at least I am trying to do something to avoid them.  Here is one of my favorites —

Palmer’s Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks

Palmer's Stretch Mark Lotion

I try to remember to put this on each day after I shower.  I purchased this lotion directly after I found out I was expecting, on this day (!!!) There have been some days I have forgotten to apply, but I would say I have done fairly well in remembering my lotion.  After showering, I apply the lotion to my belly, chest area, and thighs – all the important spots! 

The lotion is very inexpensive. You can purchase this bottle for less than $7.  Though it is heavier than most lotions, it softens and soothes the skin, and it has proved effective thus far.  I definitely recommend it to any Mommies-to-be!!!

I have also added Palmer’s Bottom Butter for Babies to my registry.

Palmer's Bottom Butter

I have read great reviews about using Palmer’s Bottom Butter in place of a diaper rash cream for babies. I have read that the lotion goes on smoothly, absorbs quickly, and smells great! It is also inexpensive, comparable to the cost of other diaper rash creams, if not even cheaper.

We will see if Baby Titus likes Palmer’s lotions as much as Mommy!!!

Enjoy the day! Lil & I will!


Love, ~Ann & Baby Titus