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Baby Kicks Mommy Daddy

Last night around 2:30 in the morning, I was lucky enough to finally feel Baby Titus kicking!!  I thought I had felt a big kick during this special workout, and I still think I did, but now there are lots of small kicks I feel from the outside!!!

I lay there for a while with my hand on my belly, just feeling the kicks for myself.  I tried to breathe slowly and not make big movements because I just did not want the kicks to stop.  I said prayers while Baby Titus was kicking.  I was so happy!!  Then it was time to wake Daddy…

I woke up Ben and told him Baby Titus was kicking.  I was hoping the kicking would not stop now that I had woke Ben.  We lay there for a while just feeling all the big kicks, acknowledging each one together.  I loved this moment!

After lots of kicks, Ben went back to sleep, but I just kept wanting to feel more!  I kept my hand on my belly hoping Baby Titus would continue.  Then the kicks got even bigger!!!  I had to wake Ben again!!  We both loved the Baby kicks and I hope we get to feel more very soon.

Enjoy your Saturday!

Baby Kicks Mommy Quote

Love, ~Ann & Baby Titus