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Baby Titus seems to be insistent on the fact that we have some of this tonight (!!!)  We cannot stop thinking about it!  We are waiting until Big Brother is on to enjoy our sweet treat!  We’ll see if Baby Titus can make it that long!! – more like, if Mommy can make it that long.

Ben and I do not normally keep things like this in our freezer, so I should definitely enjoy it while we have it.  We purchased this for the weekend that my parents came to visit for the gender reveal (!!)

When I am in Southern Indiana visiting my family, I definitely enjoy my share of sweet treats, but when I am at home, we do not have sweet treats, making it much easier not to eat them.  When I am here, my sweet treats include power balls, blueberries, pudding, and granola bars.

Enjoy the evening and perhaps a sweet treat for yourself!

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Love, ~Ann & Baby Titus