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21 Weeks B

What a fun package I received in the mail today! The kind people at aden+anais sent me two items for review on Turbo Teacher. I think their baby products are absolutely adorable and I have many of their items on my registry, including the two I just received today! Now I will have the opportunity to see if the quality of the products is as appealing as the looks!!

The items from aden+anais are all made from a material called cotton muslin. The Mommy who founded aden+anais was introduced to this material in Australia, where she learned that the muslin material allows Baby to feel comfortable, no matter how hot or cold the temperature might be.

The muslin material permits air to circulate around the body, while still providing comfort and warmth without worry that the baby may overheat in moderate weather. The material is a workhorse fabric, in that wraps woven from this natural fiber stands up to repeated washings only becoming softer and better with age.


The first item in the box was a scrub-a-dub-dub muslin washcloth set


The washcloths are so much larger than I expected them to be. The design on the material, which is (of course) gender-neutral stars, is delightful. The washcloths feel super soft and gentle and I know Baby Titus will love that. They seem very thick and durable. Each washcloth has a hook at the corner, for convenient hanging.


I love these washcloths and am excited for Baby Titus to try them out. I also love, love, LOVE this next item from aden+anais.

A four-layer cozy slumber sleeping bag


I love the idea of a sleeping bag for Baby Titus, as it eliminates all loose blankets in the crib. It is made of 100% cotton muslin material. The one I received is a size small, but when I first opened it, I was surprised by how large it looked!

I checked out the sizing chart and it shows that the size small should fit Baby Titus through six months. Perfect!


Many of the aden+anais items on my registry are this material design, called jungle jam giraffe. It is even more adorable than it looked in the pictures! It is precious!! I am absolutely excited for my Baby Titus to try this sleeping bag!!

The material feels incredibly soft and comfortable, and if it were to fit me, I am certain I would sleep soundly. It feels so warm and cozy for Baby.


I know that Baby Titus will be the true reviewer of these products, but they definitely pass with flying colors in my book! A++ for aden+anais!! I was first attracted to the looks of these products, but now I see that they are top quality, too!

I can tell that the muslin material is going to be very comfortable for my little Baby Titus and is going to hold up after many washes. I am very happy with the two products I received and am glad I have more aden+anais on my registry.

Thanks aden+anais!!

Enjoy your evening!

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Love, ~Ann & Baby Titus