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Baby Titus 20 Weeks

I cannot believe I am at the halfway mark today!!!  I have said it before, but I wish this Baby Journey would slow down!!

Yesterday we had our 20 week doctor appointment, which means we were able to find out the gender of Baby Titus (!!!) but we hid our eyes!  We are having our parents over on Sunday and we want to find out together!!  We will all cut a cake to find out the gender of Baby Titus!! 

The ultrasound tech showed us everything else, but when she got to the screen that showed the gender, she told us to hide our eyes.  I was nervous that Ben would peek!!!  We were able to see all other parts of Baby Titus and it was just amazing!  We saw arms, legs, kidneys, bladder, stomach, femurs (!!!) we saw everything and loved each moment!! 

Baby Titus is healthy and looks very happy to me!

I need to get out of the house, as to not be tempted to open this envelope or watch this DVD, both of which keep staring at me!!  Our ultrasound tech sealed away all ultrasound pictures that showed gender parts.  She made us a DVD of Baby Titus, which we will watch with our parents for the first time.  And she even called the lady who is making our cake for us. 


My appointment went well yesterday!!  I was not a basket-case all day and I did not have to cancel any dinner plans yesterday evening.  My own doctor was back in town and I did talk to her (with some tears, of course) about my weight concerns.  She really helped to ease my mind and said to continue doing what I am doing because it looks like I am doing great. 

I have gained two pounds since my last visit, which I feel good about.  I expected to gain even more, as I can tell my stomach is growing (!!!) 

I am headed to the pool today to relax and get some sun.

Enjoy your Friday!!

Baby Quote 6B

Love, ~Ann and Baby Titus