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My body is very sore!!!  I took a break from all workouts during our Fourth of July weekend getaway.  I am okay with this, but my body is definitely paying the price now, as it is difficult to walk up the stairs!!!

We returned from our getaway on Sunday and I must have been feeling an extra motivation boost on Monday, as I decided to join my mom for a Body Pump session.  How I have missed Body Pump!!! 

I kept my weight very light for the entire hour and made modifications when needed.  I never lifted the bar over my head, as this is the only warning my doctor gave me in regards to working out.  I kept my mind in the workout, making sure to tighten my muscles constantly.  A workout has a lot to do with your mind, thinking about the muscles you are working and contracting and tightening at the correct time.  Seriously (!!) try it next time.

Tuesday was a rest day.  My body did not necessarily deserve this rest day after the weekend, but it was definitely appreciated, as I was super sore from Body Pump. 

After all of these rest days, and not being in my workout routine, today it was very difficult to find the motivation to workout.  I decided I would drive to my stomping grounds at my old high school and simply go for a walk.  I had to remind myself that if I start and am not into it, I can stop.

I drove into the parking lot and was so very close to driving right back out and going back home.  But I made myself stay.  Again, I reminded myself that if I start and am not into it, I can stop.

Guess what?  I got into it.  And I kept going.  And my walk turned into a run.  And my run turned into an awesome run.  With hills.  And sweat (!!!)  And I felt a million times better when I was finished.

Remember, the feeling you get from running is far better than the feeling you get from sitting around, wishing you were running.

The hardest part is getting started.  I truly believe this.

Tomorrow morning is my doctor appointment.  I should be looking forward to it, but I actually am not.  This is for the simple fact that I do not want to step on the scale.  I do not want to see the numbers that tell me I will not meet the goal the doctor set for me at my last appointment. 

I am trying very hard not to worry about weight gain, but I find it difficult after my last appointment.  I am excited that my own doctor will be back in town for this visit.  Ben says I should take time to talk to her about my anxiousness toward weight gain and the feelings I am having. 

But more about that later, post-appointment.

Enjoy your Thursday!

Scale Motivation

Love, ~Ann & Baby Titus