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18 Weeks

I cannot believe Baby Titus is 18 Weeks already (!!!) Soon I’ll be at the halfway mark, and I just kind of want this pregnancy to slow down. Now that I’m in my second trimester and feeling more energetic, I am enjoying this time so much more than before.

Just look at these first trimester crazy cravings —IMG_2100IMG_2195IMG_2297

I am thankful to be past this and done with these cravings. I am not certain that they are lost and gone forever, or if cravings come back in the third trimester (??), but for now, these foods are not appealing to me.

Yesterday was actually the first day this week that I did not have Subway. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, I enjoyed Subway for lunch, while Thursday Ben brought me Subway for dinner. One of those days I ate a sub, but the other three days were Subway salads and I loved them. Only a few weeks ago, salads sounded horrible. I am glad that is no longer the case.

The point is to know yourself, respect yourself, and make appropriate choices based on who you are and how you live. ~Victoria Moran, Fit From Within

I am also having my Shakeology again, only 1/2 scoop. I have definitely missed my Shake-O!! And I especially love the newly released Vanilla Shakeology. There is currently free shipping for this new Vanilla Shakeology on my website if you are ready to try it for yourself!!

Shake O

Last night after eating at Rick’s Boatyard, Ben and I stopped at Dairy Queen for dessert and I splurged for a small Cookie Dough Blizzard. It was very delicious (!!!), but other than this sweet treat, I have kept my diet healthy.

Though my last appointment was a tough day for me emotionally, I actually often find myself thankful that the doctor pointed me in the direction of more healthful eating. My current diet is not quite as healthy as my pre-pregnancy diet, but it is much healthier than my first trimester, and in turn, I feel much better and I have gained no weight since that last appointment.

Lilly, Baby Titus, and I were up before 6:30 this morning, ready to get the day started. We hope to get a lot done!!!

Enjoy the weekend!


Love, ~Ann & Baby Titus