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Baby Workout 8

What a fabulous neighborhood run today with Baby Titus!! 

My workout plan for today was Turbo Jam Totally Tubular Turbo, but the desire to go running took over.  I almost did not go because it looked like it might rain, but the weather was actually perfect for a run. 

I find that, being pregnant, it takes me a while longer to “get into” my run and find my rhythm.  It did not take me long to figure out that this is because I feel a constant need to tinkle.  When I am warm-up walking, I do not feel this urge, but the moment I start running, it begins.  Eventually, once I find the right tunes and find my running tempo, I can forget about everything else, including the urge to tinkle, and I just enjoy my run.

This week, I have also started enjoying something else again, finally (!!!!) The Healthiest Meal of the Day –


For the last two days, I had my Shake at 10:00a.  Since I have not had a Shake forever, I went with Greenberry yesterday and Chocolate today.  Both of them tasted excellent.  I am currently only using half a scoop of Shakeology, as my doctor told me that a full scoop plus my daily prenatal vitamin could possibly be too much Vitamin A intake for Baby Titus. — Remember to always ask your own doctor about any supplements or workouts you might be considering while pregnant. 

For the past three days, I have craved Subway for lunch, and I am very thankful for the Subway that is located just down the road from our house.  It hits the spot every time now (!!!) and I am so glad to be able to say that Subway hits the spot, rather than McDonalad’s or Steak-n-Shake or Dairy Queen or Wendy’s or Arby’s curly fries or Los Bravos (yes, all of those) or any other fast food restaurant that serves me all the unhealthy foods I once craved.


Today, during what was supposed to be my “quick trip” to Target, I had to stop and browse the selection of children picture books.  I found a very special book that I could not resist for Baby Titus.  I have it out on our kitchen counter as another surprise for Daddy Ben when he gets home tonight (!!!) And it is too adorable not to share a couple pages with you…


I thought this book was too cute!!!  I am excited for Hubby Ben to see it tonight, and eventually Baby Titus, also.  Of course, since I picked out a Daddy book today, I had to pick one that Mommy would love, too.  Check this one out (!!!)


I have always loved children picture books, even before being pregnant.  Perhaps this is just the teacher in me??  I already have a small collection started, which is made up of picture books that I never wanted to take to school, as I knew they would get torn up while there.  If you know of any especially great picture books that you love, send the name my way, please!!!

Enjoy the evening!!

Bob Marley LoveRead Children

Love, ~Ann & Baby Titus