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Baby Workout 7

Today our workout started with Turbo Jam Cardio Party Remix.  Within the first ten minutes of my workout, I felt Baby Titus Kick (!!!!!)

I am not 100% certain because this has never happened before, but I know this was something special. It felt like a big muscle twitch in my stomach, not a small flutter. It was enough to make me stop right then. I was so excited about this moment!!! I immediately paused my workout and sent Ben and my Mom a text.

Then of course, as always, I started to worry. What if it was not a kick? What if I hurt Baby Titus during the workout? Doctor just told me that I could continue working out, jumping around, & running…

I decided to do a very quick, mid-workout Google search to see if a big baby kick was possible at 17 weeks.  Sounds like this is a definite possibility (!!!) Baby Titus must have been joining in on the Cardio Party.

I cannot stop smiling!!!

It was difficult to stay focused for the rest of Cardio Party Remix, but I still had 20 minutes to go.  I made it through and then went on with my workout plan for the day, which was Turbo Jam 3T: Totally Tubular Turbo.  This is a total body workout using free weights or the tube.  I opted to use my tube, feeling safer this way. 

My mind did not seem to be in this workout anymore.  I think I was too excited about Baby Titus to stay focused.  I stopped Totally Tubular Turbo only five minutes into the workout.  I can tell it is going to be a great way to work my arms during pregnancy, and I have been looking for a way to do this without using free weights.  I will begin here tomorrow.

Turbo Jam Totually Tubular Turbo

More good news: Salads, even with grilled chicken, have actually been sounding appealing to me (!!!) I had one last night for dinner and another today for lunch.  It is much easier to eat healthier when I no longer feel constant nausea. I have definitely been changing my eating habits and I feel good because I know this is a healthy change for Mommy & Baby Titus.


Usually Ben & I do the grocery shopping together on Sunday.  But when we arrived home from Southern Indiana yesterday, the weather was very stormy, so we decided to skip the grocery store and I went today instead.  Of course, while I was there, I could not help but browse the selection of Baby items.

I found a fuzzy, gender-neutral Baby outfit that says “I Love Hugs” and immediately this went into my cart.  It is hanging on our dresser as a surprise for Hubby Ben when he gets home tonight.


Enjoy the evening!

Love, ~Mommy & Baby Titus