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17 Weeks17 Weeks Maternity Clothes

Aren’t the over-the-bump leggings great?

I woke up this morning to some wonderful messages on Turbo Teacher, on Facebook, on my phone, and in my inbox.  I am more appreciative of them than you know.  It truly helps to hear your Mommy words of wisdom.

Time to be positive and stay positive, no matter what!! This is such a special journey and I want to enjoy it to the fullest!!

I was feeling pretty great until yesterday, actually.  I do plan to try to eat more healthfully, but will not continue to dwell on the fact that I weigh a bit more than some other pregnant women do at this time.  I let yesterday bother me, let it ruin my day, for that matter.  All bodies are different, mine included.  And I am okay with this.

I am so excited to finally be feeling that burst of energy that I have heard about.  Besides using it for running and Turbo Jam sessions, I have also been using this energy for organizing, and cleaning our house. I have a great start and it is an enormous mess right now, but I will feel much better when I am all finished.  I do not even want to think about the nursery until I am able to remove, reorganize, and clean. 

Ben and I still have so many unopened items from our wedding in storage (!!!) so each day I open some of those and replace our old items.  I have been going through my closets in attempt to get rid of clothing that I no longer wear. There are piles, boxes, and messes galore.  You can find random purging piles in every room in our house right now…


I love the feeling of getting rid of items I no longer use, as this means getting rid of clutter.  And this means making room for Baby Titus (!!!) and Baby clutter is better than regular clutter, right?

Ben, Lilly, and I are now heading to Southern Indiana.  I am blogging from the vehicle.  I cannot wait to get there to see my family and spend some more time on the boat at the Lake, catching some rays.

For the remainder of my ride home to Southern Indiana, I am going to start reading my new Baby book, which I am surprised I did not purchase before now.  I am hoping the book leaves me feeling confident and knowledgeable about Baby.  I am sure you can never be fully prepared, right?


Enjoy the Weekend!!

Be Positive

Love, ~Ann & Baby Titus