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There was a lot on my mind this morning and the only thing I could think of to make myself stop thinking, was running.  I needed to stop thinking for a while – and pondering, wondering, worrying, stressing…

My run was much shorter than it used to be, thanks to Baby Titus and my new body and new endurance, but it is still amazing what 1.5 miles can do for my mind. 

Just another reminder, always talk to your own Doctor before any strenuous activity when you are pregnant.  Running was a topic I talked with my Doctor about the very first time I met her.  I was very anxious to learn whether running was a safe activity for Baby Titus.

Now asking for help from Mommies out there —

Ben and I plan to go register for Baby Titus within the next couple of weekends.  We know that we have plenty of time, but have decided that we would like to complete the registry process before we find out the gender of Baby Titus (!!!!!!!)

Hubby Ben and I have no clue where to begin with the registry process.  My mom says a lot has changed since she registered for Baby, and she does not feel she will be very helpful for us. 

I have done a small amount of research on the must-haves for Baby when registering, but I would love to hear from all the Mommies out there.  I want to hear reviews from real parents with real experience, not just read what is online.  I just do not want to register for unnecessary items or forget anything that is mega important (!!!) for Baby Titus…

So Mommies – Please help us by telling me: What is that one Baby item that you could not live without?  Tell me only the name of the item, or leave a small description and your thoughts, too. 

Don’t forget to check out my latest post Week 16 and Working Out!! at Indy’s Child Magazine!! This is a very simple Mommy Question & Answer session!

Enjoy the day!

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Love, ~Ann & Baby Titus