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What a perfect summer weekend!! I am sad it is over already…

But first, I love all the guesses for my new pregnancy fitness annoyances.  All of them are correct – from tight fitting clothes and pimples, to constant restroom breaks. 

The two that seem to be most bothersome for me during this stage of my pregnancy are “the girls” and having to use the restroom constantly during my workout.  As far as the girls are concerned, I am used to having nearly nothing, so I am easily irritated now.  And during my 50 minute Turbo Session, I had to use the restroom four times.

Shake-O Winner — Your Shakeology will arrive soon, and I will be enjoying my first Shake in a very long time with you (!!!!)


Weekend Recap —

We started our weekend on Wednesday evening with an early Father’s Day celebration when Ben arrived in Southern Indiana.  We had plans to leave on Thursday morning for our annual summer weekend at Kentucky Lake.

Who loves The Big Bang Theory??  My Dad does and now has me hooked (!!!) Check out my favorite gift for Dad —DSC02668Dad Wedding

Ben is now a Daddy-to-Be and my Mom and I were very anxious to give him a few small goodies for Baby Titus – all of which were gender neutral, of course…DSC02664DSC02665DSC02666Daddy-to-Be!

I am an IU grad, Ben is a PU grad, and Baby Titus already has goodies to support both teams.  Mom gets a kick out of giving Ben IU gear for Baby Titus to wear in the future, but I am certain Ben would rather have PU!!

Thursday morning we headed to Kentucky Lake for our annual trip.  I look forward to this every summer and it is always a fun, relaxing weekend with the family.  Hubby Ben and Sister KT always jump off the rocks and do a lot of skiing.  I always take it easy and soak up the sun in the boat…DSC02699DSC02674DSC02698KY Lake GolfKY Lake Lilly

Lilly had a great time on the boat, too! Kentucky Lake is always a wonderful weekend and we are already looking forward to returning next summer with our new Baby Titus (!!!)

More about Baby Titus and Pregnancy Workouts on my upcoming posts!! And just as a reminder, I always talk to my Doctor about my fitness routines and which workouts are safe for Baby Titus.  I know that it differs for each woman, so always talk with your own Doctor before trying any workout while pregnant.

Also, on my next post, I am going to need some help from any Mommies and Mommies-to-Be out there (!!!)

I hope you are enjoying your Summer!


Love, ~Ann & Baby Titus