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Baby Workout 3BBaby Workout 3C

As if I have not said it enough: Turbo Jam is so much fun (!!!!)

Baby Titus and I Turbo Jammed for nearly 50 minutes this afternoon and it feels amazing!!  It has been a long time since I have been this pumped up about a workout.  I have really missed it!!

Today we doubled up – We started with Cardio Party Remix, just like yesterday.  The thought of it was just so fun and appealing, so I did it again today.  I cut off the last ten minutes of that workout and continued with Fat Blaster (!!!) because it sounded like a lot of fun also.

Turbo Jam Fat Blaster

I love this workout because even though it is only 20 minutes, it is an interval workout, switching from low intensity to high intensity, bringing the heart rate up and then back down again.  And of course, it is so much fun (!!!) If you are interested in checking out Turbo Jam, just go to my Beachbody website.

I am loving this feeling of being able to workout again – even my tiny baby bump does not bother me during my Turbo Jam sessions.  However, there are two new annoyances I have when working out, which I did not used to have before I was pregnant.  Can you guess what they are?

If you think you know, leave a comment on this page with your two guesses.  Even if you have not been pregnant before, you can probably guess these!  And you can still win, even if you guess wrong!  Even if you are not interested in the prize – take a guess anyway!!

The winner will be selected randomly – even if your guesses are incorrect.  On my next post I will reveal the winner and my two new workout annoyances.

The winner receives something I really miss lately (!!!!) Shakeology 1

Shakeology —

I took a packet of Shakeology to my doctor and she was okay with this product.  She was actually pretty impressed by the nutrition facts.  But she said it could be possible that Baby Titus might be getting too much of a certain vitamin, drinking Shakeology on top of my prenatal daily vitamin. 

However, none of that ended up mattering, as Shakeology started to make me feel sick.  I even tried using only half a scoop of Shake-O and it still made me nauseous after drinking.  I was bummed out and I plan to try it again soon, but for now, I am going to share it with you instead (!!!)

For more Shakeology information, visit my Shakeology website.

The random winner receives five sample packets of my favorite healthy shake, both chocolate & greenberry flavors.

What are my two new workout annoyances now that I am pregnant and back to working out?  I am excited to hear your guesses!

Enjoy your evening!!

Love, ~Ann & Baby Titus