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Baby Workout 1B

Finally (!!!) Our first workout together!

I have been trying to take Baby Titus jogging at least once a week, but I am not even sure I managed that.  I am at 15 weeks and finally starting to leave the phase of nausea and major exhaustion.  Today I introduced Baby Titus to my all time favorite workout – Turbo Jam!!!

Turbo Jam Kickin Core

We did Kickin’ Core today, and we only did the first half.  It is a low impact workout, but it is so much fun!!  I definitely worked up a sweat, and that felt pretty amazing. I love knowing that my workout is healthy for Baby Titus, too.

Now I just need to be sure to keep this up.  I am finally feeling the energy to workout again, so I do not want to waste that!!!  My goal is to do some form of physical activity each day, whether big or small. 

I have set another goal for myself since I am starting to feel better: Eat more healthful foods & less junk.  You can read more about this in my Tough Cravings post at Cincinnati Parent.

Summer is here (!!!) which means I have finally had time to start my Baby Belly Book.  It is a journal and photo album combined all about Baby, by Amy Krouse Rosenthal.  I love this book already & recommend it for any Mommy who wants to remember every detail – like me!


I am so thankful to be feeling better now, which means I can more fully enjoy and embrace this special time in my life. 

More Baby updates soon!

15 Weeks

Love, ~Ann & Baby Titus