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Where has the time gone? Not that I am complaining – but tomorrow is already the last day before Break begins (!!!!!)

Last week, I spent 4 days cleansing – Shakeology Cleanse.  It was my own slightly modified version, but I felt pretty great inside and out – mostly inside, because you know me, and I never feel that great on the outside…

I started the week with some hardcore Asylum workouts –>IMG_1781IMG_1783

By mid-week, I am usually too exhausted for Shaun T Asylum workouts, but this one was exceptionally super and sweaty.

I ate many salads / greens / protein at dinner last week –>IMG_1798IMG_1801IMG_1802IMG_1803IMG_1825

Four days is a long time for Shakeology and salads each day, and by the middle of the week, I did have to indulge in a few Swedish Fish at school, which were leftover from the Seuss Soup my students made. 

I ate a handful (or three) – the next day I quickly decided to raffle the Fish off to my kids so I was not tempted to eat anymore –>IMG_1813

Our weekend was amazing and I think this is because we really did not have any obligations.  We got a lot done, including housework and schoolwork, but I also made sure to find a little time to relax. 

Our packing is almost complete – I am pretty anal when it comes to packing, so it takes me a while to fit it all in just right.  We have just a bit more to do before leaving for Roatan on Saturday morning at 4:00a (!!!!)

Friday night we went out with a friends for the IU game – I wore this outfit and will probably be superstitious and wear it again tomorrow.

This is IU ~ Yeah, we do it BIG!!!! IMG_1868

I recently learned that our house in Roatan does have Wi-Fi, so I am hoping to be able to post from there (!!!) 

Have an amazing night & Remember ~IMG_1703IMG_1838IMG_1844

Love, ~Ann