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I know I have said it before, but the following is positively 100% accurate for me. –>IMG_1712

Which is exactly why I am starting the Shakeology Cleanse, like, right NOW!! My body is very ready for this – more about the cleanse in a moment.

Weekend Recap ~ Ben & I headed home to Southern Indiana to spend the weekend with my family. We had such a great time!

Saturday AM Run –>IMG_1724

Lilly had to sport her IU sweater on Saturday –> Mostly because we visited my grandparents and my grandpa cannot tell Lilly and Sophie apart if they are not wearing different puppy clothes!!!IMG_1717

Family Fun Hockey Game –> On Saturday night, my family enjoyed dinner followed by a hockey game. My Hubby was totally in his element here, as he played hockey since he was in second grade!! He even played in an adult league just a couple years ago. He loved the game!

I love nights like this, when I get to spend so much time with my four favorite people in the entire world –>IMG_1740IMG_1744

green ice for St. Patrick’s Day! –>IMG_1746IMG_1749

What a fun night! The entire weekend was so wonderful and flew by way too quickly, as it always does.

Now ~ Shakeology 3-Day Cleanse –>

I feel 1,000,000 times better when I follow my healthy eating habits. This past weekend, I definitely had my share of sweet treats and refined carbs. My body is not used to this and I can tell; result = major stomach ache.

You might even remember this guy –>Bunny Candy

Well, it is his season and he is back; still the ultimate enemy at home. My mom makes sure he is never empty.

I am ready to get back to 100% healthy eating habits with no slackin’ and no cheating. I am ready to be strict with myself again because I know how great it makes me feel. My main motivation right now is Spring Break, which Ben & I are spending in Roatan, Honduras (!!!)

Current Roatan temps = mid-80’s = definite swimsuit weather –>IMG_1770

Shakeolgy Cleanse – Jump Start to Fitness ~IMG_1759IMG_1762

I started tonight, with a chocolate Shake & salad for dinner –>IMG_1767IMG_1769

It does not matter how much I workout, if I do not eat healthy, it does not seem to matter. Healthy eating is key! Shakeology helps me stay on track and I am ready to stay committed to the cleanse. Game On!!!

For more information about Shakeology –> Visit my website

The price of Shakeology per monthly supply is going up on April 1st, so if you have been considering it, now is the time. If you are interested in tasting a sample, send me an email (!!!!)

Enjoy your Sunday Evening & Have an amazing week!

Reasons Fit 0015IMG_1765

Love, ~Ann