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I feel pretty awesome right now because I just finished lifting weights with Ben and Tony Horton and going for quick run; For some reason, I always feel pretty bad-A when I am running in the rain with my hood up, listening to some rap tunes. 

Yes, I did say bad-A –> I seriously never use curse words; If I even try to slip one in, I feel and sound very awkward.

As I mentioned yesterday, I had a Bachelorette celebration over the weekend, and I am excited to share my go-to Bachelorette gift with you. It is simple, but also fun & creative.

The gift is made up of four separate small gift bags – Bachelorette Last Night Out, Bachelorette Next Morning, The Big Day, and Honeymoon.  Step one is to create the tags for each gift ~ I tried to choose scrapbook paper that went with the theme of each tag —IMG_1627

Then I chose ribbon to go with each of the four tag themes; Most of this ribbon I had leftover from small gifts I created for my own wedding; The paper I had in my scrap / sticker stash – I know, I am such a Teacher… IMG_1628

Then the fun begins; My favorite part ~ Time to choose undies and small goodies that go with each tag to fill the small gift bags!!

Bachelorette: Last Night Out – wild undies, “Mrs.” button, vodka shotIMG_1654

Bachelorette: Next Morning ~ comfy, cotton undies & Advil, of course!IMG_1629

As I was wrapping and snapping pictures, I managed to forget to snap a picture of “The Big Day” undies (!!!) Boo…

Included in “The Big Day” gift bag was the garter that I wore on my wedding day, which was passed down to me by my cousin (the bride’s sister), who wore it on her wedding day – so it was a very special gift for the bride.  This will be the third family wedding for the garter, and I am thinking it will have one more in the future, right KT? (!!!!!!!!!)

Finally – Honeymoon ~ Sexy undies & VS Aphrodisiac gloss


A fun-to-create & fun-to-open Bachelorette gift idea!

I have had these teeny gift bags for a long time – I purchased many of them on major clearance at Target because I thought they were so cute!  I was glad to finally find a great use for them —>IMG_1633IMG_1634IMG_1635

Now it is time to get a few more school tasks crossed off and enjoy the evening with Ben and Lilly – watching The Bachelor!! 

I already know who Sean picks tonight because I could not help myself – I just had to look up the spoiler.  I know, I am no fun!!! But I am still really into the show and cannot wait to see.  I was excited to meet a new friend this weekend at the Bachelorette party who also could not wait ~ Glad to know I am not the only one who looked up the Bachelor spoiler (Julie!!!!)

Did anyone else have to peek at the spoiler? Just curious. 

Monday – Check!! Enjoy your evening!! Fit Quote 1Fit Quote 4Reasons Fit 0585

^ Yeah!

Love, ~Ann