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Tuesday – Check (!!!!!)

Here is teacher me – Mrs. Titus off to school –>IMG_1511IMG_1517

–in my huge, warm snow / rain boots that I absolutely love & recommend.  It is hard to make myself wear anything other than these boots.

Usual eats ~ Apple for Breakfast; Shake & Carrots for lunch – Check

I definitely had an appetite when I got home from school, along with a splurge of extra energy – Love when that happens!! I wish it would happen more often!

After school snack – Frozen veggies –>IMG_1520

Goal: Empty the entire dishwasher in the 4.5 minutes it takes my veggies to heat in the microwave – Check

Then I needed to fill water bottles; This looks like a ridiculous amount of water bottles to take to school — but… IMG_1521IMG_1522

I drink ~3 per day at school, which means this is only two days worth.  I am constantly talking loudly at school, which makes me extra thirsty. I carry them all to school in a wine bag from Marsh.

2 days of worth of water ready to go – Check

By this time Ben was home for a workout; When I workout with Ben, it is always P90X – no questions asked.  Today he picked “P90X Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps” –>

I definitely modified this workout tonight –-

For example, when they were doing one-arm push-ups (seriously?)… I went with some Bosu oblique exercises instead…P90X Chest 2P90XIMG_1528

P90X Chest, Shoulders, Triceps – Check.  And Yes, I am sitting on the couch with 10 minutes to go; Boo for quitting early, but Yay for starting in the first place (!!!)

A point to this post? –Not really.  Am I okay with that? –Certainly!

Have a great evening!  Tomorrow is Wednesday already!!Fitness 5Not About PerfectYou only Live Once

Love, ~Ann