I promise that all my posts will not be filled with excerpts from my favorite books, but now that I have pulled these two books out, it’s like I cannot put them down.  I read “Fit from Within” when we were in Jamaica last Winter Break and marked many of the lessons I wanted to share.

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I forgot how much I how much I love Lesson 52 from “Fit from Within” by Victoria Moran and I am excited to share it on TurboTeacher, as I think that many people can probably relate.

Lesson 52 – “Stop Comparing” –>

As a compassionate reminder: you are not a supermodel… You’re you and this is now, and life is, in spite of its hardships, good.  You miss out on way too much of the good stuff when you compare yourself to other people or your former self.  It also discounts who you are right now.

Stop comparing yourself to friends, strangers, and earlier editions of yourself.  Comparing is a game that nobody wins.  Charting who is better and who is worse keeps people separated and oneness an alien concept.  Do away with it.  Refrain from juvenile contests about who’s losing more weight or who’s losing it faster.  Support your friends who are trying to do this, too, and know that you deserve the same unconditional backing, whether they know how to give it or not.  And when anyone you know has a triumph in any area of life, celebrate with him.  Be part of the exhilaration of somebody else’s time in the sun.  Blessings are contagious anyway: be there for other people’s and watch them rub off.

Stop comparing yourself to models and entertainment icons, too.  It’s their job to look the way they do, at least on camera… However you feel about yourself today, and whether or not you believe you deserve it, make a commitment to taking loving care of yourself as you are right now.  Savor the time you spend with the people who matter and on the parts of your life that make you so happy you could start dancing in the streets. 

There is no need to compare yourself to anybody else, because you are one of a kind.  Other people have every right to be beautiful, handsome, rich, powerful, madly in love, or mildly in ecstasy.  So do you.

Wow – this lesson is worth reading over and over.  I hope it speaks as directly to you as it does to me.  I am guilty of constantly comparing myself to my younger college-self or to people I see in magazines or on TV.  Sometimes I am so bad about this that it gets me in a negative mood – (right, Ben?)  Perhaps I am just strange, but I think that this is a great lesson for many people who might be guilty of being too hard on yourself, like me.

Thoughts on this lesson? ~ Feel free to share.  I would love to hear!

Have a wonderful week!

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Love, ~Ann