I thought tonight would be a great night for a quick post to let you into the “Teacher” portion of TurboTeacher ~

Welcome to Room 202 —IMG_1435

My students do their learning while sitting on stability balls.  I am so thankful I was awarded the grant money that allowed me to try this.


Classroom Management — IMG_1433

The students start the week with their magnet in Showing Pride.  Throughout the week, they are asked to “move your magnet” in a negative or positive direction depending on behaviors.

Goal = End the week in Outstanding — IMG_1431

Students decorate their own magnet at the beginning of the year. Magnets are made from poker chips with stick on magnets attached.


“The Comfy Chair” —IMG_1434

My very first year of teaching (which was actually only 1/2 year), I asked my students to help me decorate two large pieces of material.  I used the material to reupholster a small, comfy chair that I purchased at a yard sale.

Homework Trays Bulletin Board —IMG_1437

Ben helped me attach my homework trays to a bulletin board in my room.  This helps save major shelf space in my classroom.

Mrs. Titus ~IMG_1445

My desk is not often this clean.  This evening I stayed a while to finish some grading and get organized.  It feels good (!!!)


My Stability Ball —IMG_1446

I am not kidding when I say that I usually sit in this chair for 20 minutes per day, if that – and this includes lunch time, as I always eat at my desk.  I am constantly on my feet in front of my students or buzzing around the room helping them out, answering questions.

Love Scentsy ~IMG_1447

This year is my fourth full year of teaching and I absolutely love my class.  They make me smile everyday and we always have a lot of fun together in class.  I have a fairly large class of 27, but I love all of them and feel truly blessed to have them with me this year. 

I know that I have taught them so much this year and I know that my career truly makes a difference in the lives of these special kids – I always try to keep this in mind when I am feeling negative about my job. 

Thanks for visiting Room 202 (!!!) Friday is almost here!!

Enjoy your evening & Remember ~Student QuoteNo Excuses 1school quote 2

Love, ~Ann