I have to keep this post short and sweet, as I can already tell that this day off is going to fly by – Boo…

Lilly & I slept in until 8:00 this morning, which feels amazing.  That is about three hours later than my normal 5:00am wake-up time (!!!)

I started today with a Shake – Perfect way to start the day ~IMG_1406

More Shake info –> http://myshakeology.com/CoachAnnTitus

While enjoying my Shake, Lil & I cuddled up on the couch to create our To-Do List for today.  I hope to end up accomplishing more than what is on this list, but these are just tasks I must accomplish — IMG_1408

My first (and perhaps most dreaded) task this morning will be grading papers and organizing this bag ~IMG_1409

I also have lots of food preparations for the week ~ IMG_1398IMG_1400IMG_1399

I am loving all of these fresh goods – many of which came from Costco.  Ben says I had a very colorful grocery bag this weekend ~ but that is definitely the best kind!  I have seriously almost eaten half of the blueberries already – in one day (!!!)

Our new full length mirror is now hanging back up where we want it and helping to fill our empty walls –>


^ Valentine Teacher outfit

Taking a picture of yourself in a mirror with an iPhone is seriously so much harder than everyone on Pinterest makes it look (!!!)

Before I get started with all of my tasks today, I must share this picture of Lilly and our new Mr. Owl ~IMG_1392

We bought Mr. Owl at Meijer yesterday to scare away the birds or whatever creature might be pecking / poking / pawing at our brand new hot tub cover.  We thought Lilly would definitely be scared of Mr. Owl, but she was not even phased by him in the least.  I love her (!!!!)

Have an amazing day! & Remember ~IMG_1163[1]IMG_1192[1]


Love, ~Ann