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Ready for some Major Home Improvement / Organization / P90X workout pictures today? (!!!!)  Here they come —

Ben & I (especially Ben) have been working hard for over a month on our new home improvement project ~ Project: Bedroom

When Ben moved in, the bedroom was painted green with purple stripes on one wall.  Ben knew that eventually he would change this.

Eventually = January 2013 ~

Until a week ago, we had very little bedroom furniture.  What we did have was free from a family friend of Ben’s.  We have never had a headboard or bed frame for our bed, so we were looking forward to this also (!!!)

We eventually decided on a neutral taupe paint color in our bedroom to cover up the green.  I love the way it turned out —


Goodbye stripes – We will not miss you!IMG_1001IMG_0978IMG_0979

Finally, the painting was complete!  Next on the Project: Bedroom list was the flooring, as you can see —


Lilly is such a little Helpy Helperton!


Last weekend our new bedroom furniture was delivered and everything finally started coming together –>DSC01889DSC01888DSC01886DSC01890

Today we are working on the bare walls – we have a few things we want to hang up, including a new full length mirror that I love (!!!)

We hung up Ben’s Valentine gift right away ~DSC01892

We have ordered new blinds and that will be our final step for the new bedroom.  I love the way it turned out and I am glad to have such a Handyman Hubby!!

The first (and only) organizational task I have done so far in the bedroom is move all of my workout clothes into the new dresser. 

I seriously love workout gear — DSC01893

And then it was time for a date with my favorite Mr. Tony Horton (!!!)  A post-P90X picture ~Tony

I am so glad it is only 1:30 ~ Ben and I have already accomplished a lot today, but have a lot more to do on this productive Saturday (!!!)

IMG_1070IMG_1099Choose to shine

Have a amazing day!

Love, ~Ann