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Running is freaking awesome.  That’s all.


I really had an urge to run this evening ~ so I bundled up in my tights and fleece and took off.  It was awesome & I am so glad I went.

I listened to Carry On by Fun over & over on my run.

Carry On 1

Carry On 2

I loved my run & this song by Fun.  I am so glad I went, even though it was chilly outside.  When I got home from my run, I finished up a P90X workout with Ben.  I always feel so much better after a workout.

Today I have another excerpt of a lesson that I want to share from the book “Fit from Within” by Victoria Moran — This one is about finding your own individual eating habits and what works for you.  It is a lesson I marked long ago, but have not shared yet –>

Excerpt from Lesson #2 ~ Honor Who You Are

You can adopt better habits only if they honor who you are: your ethnicity, religion, and lifestyle, the climate where you live, the hours you work, and the stage of life you’re in.  Authors, experts, and your mother-in-law all have their opinions.  You need to have your own.  Ask yourself:

  • What does reasonable eating look like to me?
  • How much time do I want to spend preparing food?
  • What challenges to improving the way I eat does the work I do present?
  • Will my spouse or family be a help or hindrance to these changes?
  • Do I have a health condition that requires me to eat a certain way?
  • Am I feeding children throughout the day?

For almost everybody, dieting is unnatural and unrealistic, but unless you’re incarcerated and have no say at all about the food provided, there is a healthy, satisfying way of eating that is natural and realistic for you.  The point is to know yourself, respect yourself, and make appropriate choices based on who you are and how you live.  When you make the alterations that will change your body and your life, they have to be ones that work for you and honor who you are.  The point is to have a trimmer body and a healthier lifestyle, not to reincarnate as somebody else.

I love this and it is so true.  I feel that I have developed my eating habits and they are natural to me now.  Sometimes I forget how strange they may seem to the people around me.  The only time I get off track is when I travel to Southern Indiana and I am surrounded by sweet treats. 

I especially love “the hours you work” part of this.  It is impossible for me to squeeze a workout in over my lunch break, or go for a quick walk, or prepare a healthy meal at school.  There are times in the past when I decided to try a different eating pattern or schedule and I completely failed.  I have learned what works for my body & my schedule and what I absolutely cannot handle.  Now I am using this to create a diet that is as healthy for me as possible. 

PS ~ Still loving this Social Media Detox (!!!!)

Have a wonderful week & Remember ~

Running 2

Fitness Kingdom

Carry On 3

Love, ~Ann